Everyday Heroes
from €75.00
Everyday Heroes
This is the jump off point, start your wine journey via the steady hand of our Everyday Heroes 6-Pack, featuring 3 whites and 3 reds that will shake up your palate, but go with any food, or any friends -...
from €75.00
The Classics
from €89.00
The Classics
Continue your wine journey with Spring and French flavoured Classic 6-Pack. Chenin Blanc from the Loire, Sancerre-style Sauv. Blanc and a scorcher of a Verdejo from Rueda make up the whites, with a juicy red from the South West of...
from €89.00
The Good Stuff
If you’ve arrived at The Good Stuff, you are starting to soar on your wine journey, or else you just appreciate the finer things, either way you should be excited as things start to get pretty interesting now.  Time to...
The Real Deal
The Real Deal
You’ve arrived. It’s the big time. You are looking for finer wines and a more intense experience. There are 2 options with 3 & 3 Reds & Whites (or straight Red or White):Old World, Traditional & Classy is all about classacism: 3 old world...
Top of the Rock
Simply put these are the best wines. We also have the most options and the most depth here so you can keep coming back! There are 6 OPTIONS IN TOTAL with 3 & 3 Reds & Whites (or straight Red or White)...
Rioja Wine School
€214 WORTH OF PREMIUM WINE FOR €159 AND BECOME AN EXPERT ON RIOJA! Our WINE SCHOOL boxes focus on the region as a whole, with a compendium of printed notes to help you learn about everything: the history, the terroir and...
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Garden Party Whites 6-Pack
After the success of our HEAVY METAL REDS 6-PACK, we decided to bring out a white iteration in the GARDEN PARTY WHITES 6-PACK. These are unashamedly universal white wines, ultra dry and sharp, they will fit every palate and profile, and every...
Rose All Day 6-Pack 2024 - Happy Summer!
If you don't like Rosé you might need some more fun in your life - it's a no strings attached wine, for opening and splashing around liberally. It's not supposed to be exclusive, despite what the makers of stuttering donkey or...
Sauvignon Blanc: Not Just Marlborough!Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc has a lot to answer for, both good and bad. Through it's utterly remarkable rise initiated by Cloudy Bay, it has introduced legions of new wine drinkers to the market. It has created a...
The King of Spain.Tempranillo is the chief component found in red Rioja, and Ireland drinks more of it than anywhere else in the world. So....Eurovision and Rioja consumption we are unparallelled! Tempranillo is mid weight in terms of acidity, tannin...
Red La Rioja DOZEN!
€246 WORTH OF RIOJA FOR €179 - THE MOMENT WE'VE BEEN WAITING FOR - A RIOJA DOZEN - ALL RED! The Irish drink more red Rioja per capita than anywhere else in the world - well done us!This Red Rioja...
S is for SYRAH
SUPER SYRAH 6-PACK contains 6 wines from old world and new world, thoroughbred and blended, and it demonstrates we think, that this grape is due a return. Syrah's spiritual home is France, specifically the Rhone Valley. Split in two, the Southern Rhone...
Cabernet Club.It may not be the coolest grape, but it's probably the most well known. Cabernet Sauvignon is famous the world over for it's heavily structured, tannic wines that are given to long periods of age in oak. Cabernet produces...
Bagnums are Back!
from €70.00
Bagnums are Back!
Bagnums took over a bit when we launched them a couple of years ago. Laminated polyamer material, with an aluminium lining to keep the product fresh, there is a handy spout to dispense the wine. The flat bottom allows it...
from €70.00
Some Young Punks
Our New Options! (Please note the art work is temporary!)Some Young Punks - The Natch Batch! features challenging wine styles - natural wines as some might call it. Skin contact whites, full orange wines, light reds, 'Pet Nat' Sparkling wines. This...
The Wildman of Wagram
Arnold Holzer has been helming operations at the family estate for 15 years. Impressing himself on more than just vineyard management and winemaking, he has helped formulate one of the most distinctive brand identities in the wine world, with labels...
ABC means awesome bloody Chardonnay, not anything but Chardonnay!We focused on Sauvignon Blanc last month, where we tried to illustrate that it was not a one trick Marlborough pony. This month we hope to win hearts & minds with a...
M is for MALBEC
Modern Beauty!What's not to like? Malbec's profile is ideally suited for most palates and particularly for this time of year. It's mid to full bodied, with black and blue fruits predominating with a good lash of chocolate and a pretty...
Sold Out!
G is for GAMAY
Gam(ay)e On!Beaujolais and its component grape Gamay always seems to be on the cusp of taking over the wine world. Structurally it is similar to Pinot Noir, low in tannin and alcohol, high in acid and fragrance, but with a...
Roisin Curley New Releases
You have probably heard about Ireland's own Roisin Curley, who has not been crafting impeccable Pinot Noir & Chardonnay in Burgundy for 8 years. Roisin began essentially as a jet-set wine maker, splitting her time between her family owned pharmacy...
Pax Mahle Syrah 3-Pack - 35% off!
Pax Mahle is California's most famous and heralded Syrah expert. He is a Northern Rhone nut and with this wine he wanted to emulate the famous Rhone wines of Hermitage and St. Joseph but put his own stamp on it....
€203.00 €130.00
Bordeaux Box Office 6-Pack
Because at their best they are confounding, delicious show stoppers, and we can put you on the right track. Direct from the Chateau with over 20% off!We were recently at the Paris Wine Expo prospecting some new brands and came across...
Chateau La Coste: Planet Rose
Is the world of rosé becoming more sophisticated? Are we moving away from the 'Gram and into the Guggenheim? Chateau La Coste certainly thinks so. Boasting the largest outdoor art collection in the world, La Coste juxtaposes modern art & architecture alongside...
€178.00 €129.00
Sandhi & Evening Land 4-Pack - 25% off
Rajat Parr is basically the patron saint of Sommeliers. If you watched any of the 'Somm' films on Netflix (if not you should), you will be familiar with him. A hotshot sommelier first, then business owner, he then turned to...
€213.00 €155.00
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