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The kegs we use are designed in a way that makes it impossible for the wine to come into contact with oxygen. There’s no cork so no chance of corked wine, and the hermetic environment means that there’s no chance of an oxidised, stale last glass of wine, so there’s no wastage. Once tapped each keg will stay in perfect condition for a minimum of two months. And once they’re empty, they can be recycled.


Our installations are as cutting edge as our wines. We custom build to fit your space and aesthetic, making it as much or as little of a feature as you want. Want a wall of taps? We’ve got you covered. Want it hidden away under the bar? No problem. Space is never an issue. If you have space for boxes of wine, you have space for wine on tap. The footprint of a keg is less than half that of the bottled equivalent.


We do everything, from free installation to full staff training to regular maintenance. All you have to do is order and pour. We can provide branded carafes, wine lists, “I drink wine on tap” pin badges. Whatever you need, we’re on it.

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Most wines are drunk within 12 months of bottling & a huge amount of energy is used filling & packaging each bottle. Each recyclable keg eliminates 26 bottles, labels, corks and closures.


Wine On Tap ensures that wine reaches your glass exactly as the winemaker intended, in the same state as when it left the winery, with the last glass always as fresh as the first.

More Reliable

With Wine On Tap there's no corked wine, no oxidation, and no danger of getting that last glass of stale wine that's been sitting behind the bar since the weekend.

Greater Savings

With the money saved on transport & packaging, the same wines cost around 20% less than in bottle.

More Sustainable

Twice as much wine fits on a pallet, meaning half as many trucks on the road, and half the carbon footprint.

Better Recycling

We collect used kegs from our customers and return them to the manufacturer to be turned into fresh ones.

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How We Find Them

Our wines are sourced directly from winemakers and kegged specifically for us at their own wineries. We don’t go to some weird keg factory and pick them off a conveyor belt. WineLab started knocking on the doors of some of our favourite winemakers in 2013 and they’ve been kegging for us since. The end cost works out approximately 20% less than in bottle, which they pass onto us, and we pass onto you. Everyone’s a winner.  

What Types of Wines

We like small production, a sustainable ethos when it comes to vineyard management and winemaking, and lower levels of sulphur. A lot of our wines are organic, and all of them are vegan friendly. Wines that are meant to be aged for a long time will never be on tap, that’s what bottles are for. These are wines that are supposed to be drunk within a year or two of being made. Thirst quenching, smashable, delicious.  

Who We Work With

We work with winemakers in France, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Austria, California, New Zealand, South Africa, and Argentina, and we’re always looking for interesting new wines to add to our list. We often source specifically for restaurants, and in the past year have added Vermouth, Orange Wine and Californian Pinot Noir at the request of our customers. Interested in something specific? Let us know and we’ll do our best to get it into the country, and on tap.  



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The Kinder Way To Drink Wine

The majority of wine is drunk within a year of bottling. We don’t think that justifies all of the bottles, corks, labels, capsules and closures. A 20 litre keg of wine is the equivalent of 26.6 bottles and wine, and reduces packaging waste by 94%. We took over 375 tonnes of glass alone out of the recycling chain in 2019, and we’re just getting started.

Reducing Our Carbon Footprint

We can fit twice as much wine on a truck when it’s packaged in keg instead of in bottle. That means half as many trucks on the road, and a reduced carbon footprint for our customers by an average of 20%. And in 2020 we’ve done more.

Closed-Loop Recycling

This year we’ve introduced circular recycling, which sees our used kegs collected, crushed and sent back to the manufacturer to be turned into new ones, bringing our wine on tap systems even closer to zero waste. We’re currently servicing Dublin, Louth, Meath, Cavan, Monaghan, Kildare, Laois, Wexford, Waterford, Kilkenny, Carlow, Wicklow, Tipperary, Galway and Westport. More areas coming soon.


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