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SUPER SYRAH 6-PACK contains 6 wines from old world and new world, thoroughbred and blended, and it demonstrates we think, that this grape is due a return. Syrah's spiritual home is France, specifically the Rhone Valley. Split in two, the Southern Rhone is responsible for blends, led by Grenache with Syrah and a galaxy of other permitted varieties - the famous Chateauneuf-du-Pape has 18 permitted varieties. The Northern Rhone is responsible for way less wine by volume but way more Syrah as a percentage because many of the appellations must be 100% Syrah.

The Hill of Hermitage is the birthplace of Syrah and one of the most famous wine pilgrimmages amongst wine geeks in the world. Legend has it that a soldier wandered up the hill and never came back down, becoming a hermit. Ostensibly this soldier did so to live in solitude with the shame he carries from the crusades, probably it was just to grow and drink Syrah in peace. It is famous for a uinque smokey bacon character in it's wines.

Syrah is full bodied, highly structured and dry. Dark blue and black fruite predominate, and it is known for its peppery character. There are notes and flavours of chocolate spice and leather. This is the ultimate sit by the fire wine, they are generally concentrated and long and are effectively the wine equivilant of wrapping up in a duvet. Awesome with protein and braises, it especially comes into its own with some spice in the meal, as this further coaxes the fruit. So all that being considered - why is this grape unfashionable? Is fashion rational? This grape sorely seserves a renaissance, and hort of having it appear in a Quentin Tarantino movie, the best way to help is by making up a Syrah 6-Pack to die for.

The Last Stand Shiraz is a cool climate example from Heathcote in Victoria, Australia. (Shiraz is just the Aussie version of Syrah, they do it with everything - used to call me Rozza or Craigaz when I lived there). Montfrin Cotes-du-Rhone is the classic Syrah blend from the Southern Rhone with some Grenache in the blend. Petit Colorado Syrah is one of France's first ever oragnic wines from parcels dotted around the Northern Rhone. Cecillon 'Les Graviers' Syrah is 100% Northern Rhone Syrah - to die for! The stylish Domaine des Amiel 'a Peissou' is low sulphur Syrah from the Languedoc. Ghostwriter Syrah is from Santa Cruz in California, made at the world's first carbon neutral winery by Kenny Likitaprakong, it is a low alcohol example with waves of fresh acidity. STSWine

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S is for SYRAH
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