Garden Party Whites 6-Pack
After the success of our HEAVY METAL REDS 6-PACK, we decided to bring out a white iteration in the GARDEN PARTY WHITES 6-PACK. These are unashamedly universal white wines, ultra dry and sharp, they will fit every palate and profile, and every...
Red La Rioja DOZEN!
€246 WORTH OF RIOJA FOR €179 - THE MOMENT WE'VE BEEN WAITING FOR - A RIOJA DOZEN - ALL RED! The Irish drink more red Rioja per capita than anywhere else in the world - well done us!This Red Rioja...
Rose All Day 6-Pack 2024 - Happy Summer!
If you don't like Rosé you might need some more fun in your life - it's a no strings attached wine, for opening and splashing around liberally. It's not supposed to be exclusive, despite what the makers of stuttering donkey or...
Heavy Metal Reds 6-Pack
While we love modern, elegant red wines, there is always room for power chords! We are talking robust, hefty wines, firm alcohol, high tannins, oak age to beat the band, deep set fruit profiles - in short - HEAVY METAL...
Cabernet Club.It may not be the coolest grape, but it's probably the most well known. Cabernet Sauvignon is famous the world over for it's heavily structured, tannic wines that are given to long periods of age in oak. Cabernet produces...
ABC means awesome bloody Chardonnay, not anything but Chardonnay!We focused on Sauvignon Blanc last month, where we tried to illustrate that it was not a one trick Marlborough pony. This month we hope to win hearts & minds with a...
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G is for GAMAY
Gam(ay)e On!Beaujolais and its component grape Gamay always seems to be on the cusp of taking over the wine world. Structurally it is similar to Pinot Noir, low in tannin and alcohol, high in acid and fragrance, but with a...
M is for MALBEC
Modern Beauty!What's not to like? Malbec's profile is ideally suited for most palates and particularly for this time of year. It's mid to full bodied, with black and blue fruits predominating with a good lash of chocolate and a pretty...
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P is for PINOT
How do you know if someone drinks Pinot? They tell you.It may not be the coolest grape, but it's probably the most well known. Cabernet Sauvignon is famous the world over for it's heavily structured, tannic wines that are given...
Sauvignon Blanc: Not Just Marlborough!Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc has a lot to answer for, both good and bad. Through it's utterly remarkable rise initiated by Cloudy Bay, it has introduced legions of new wine drinkers to the market. It has created a...
S is for SYRAH
SUPER SYRAH 6-PACK contains 6 wines from old world and new world, thoroughbred and blended, and it demonstrates we think, that this grape is due a return. Syrah's spiritual home is France, specifically the Rhone Valley. Split in two, the Southern Rhone...
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The King of Spain.Tempranillo is the chief component found in red Rioja, and Ireland drinks more of it than anywhere else in the world. So....Eurovision and Rioja consumption we are unparallelled! Tempranillo is mid weight in terms of acidity, tannin...
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