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Modern Beauty!
What's not to like? Malbec's profile is ideally suited for most palates and particularly for this time of year. It's mid to full bodied, with black and blue fruits predominating with a good lash of chocolate and a pretty twist of rose petal. It's perfumed, robustly structued, good with steak and generally delicious. 

We have a selection that demonstrates the range of Malbec, as Tom from Succession might put it, it's the kind of pack that separates the connoisseurs from the weekend Malbec moronsTom from Succession is that most loathesome of wine nazi that makes the most noise in the room when it comes to wine, trys to trip up sommeliers and is generally unpleasant when the subject comes up. Tom seems to echo the main, or only criticism that besets Malbec: that it can be that it is limited. The hell it is we say. 

There are a couple of wines here that members of this mailing list will be familiar with. (Moving from left to right) Familie de Skalli are a well known force in this wheelhouse, a famous house that has made their USP the production of dead set, varietally perfect examples.  Vinilo Red Blend was cited by Bloomberg and many other press outlets as a producer that would change the way people saw Malbec, and to those that have drunk the likes of Vinilo, it has. Malbec, with some native South America Bonarda and a dash of Petit Verdot, this is vinified in a massive concrete egg, to focus of fruit purity. This is juicy and authentic. Mosquita Muerta 'Cordero Con Piel de Lobo' (meaning wolf in lambs clothing) may be familiar to some as it is popular on the wine lists of Dublin. Its a beautiful, universal Malbec with a warm lick of oak from American and French barrels.

The next three wines really demonstrate what Malbec is capable of, apart from obsene deliciousness. Valerie Courreges 'Zinzolin' is also a blend, made from old vines that are all bio-dynamically certified. Unusually, the grapes are destemmed and not crushed, made with extremely gentle extraction. The result is elegant and stylish with a magnificent fruit core and serious length. Bois Carmin Cahors is the flagship wine of the operation, made in an old school Cahors-Cot style, but with modern expertise. It is bright and buzzy, but very intense and complex. This is a stand out example and one of the best in the region. Vinilo Criolla in Malbec blended with Argentina's second most prolific variety; Criolla.

Three salt of the earth examples from France and Argentina, two modern and interesting takes, and one bunker buster from Cahors! Don't miss out!

Over 20% off! (RRP €146) at €115 is phenomenal value! 

Three salt of the earth examples from France and Argentina, two modern and interesting takes, and one bunker buster from Cahors! Don't miss out!

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M is for MALBEC
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