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"A fully curated home delivery service of top-quality bottled wines...focusing on special, small quantity and minimal intervention wines. What an excellent isolation birthday present – or an excuse to sample tipples of a Friday night.”

- Irish Tatler Staff, 22 Oct 2020


"Thoughtfully-curated wine selections. Delivered to your door. Oh, what a time to be alive! The selection of everyday and high-end selections means the variety is great, while their experience in wine curation means the quality is superb.”

- Eoin Higgins, 21 Sept 2020


"An unexpected bonus is the wines destined for kegs are made with less sulphur dioxide than those going into bottle - manna to our growing band of natural wine fans."

- Mary Dowey, 1 Sept 2018


"Winelab now supplies more than 400 on-trade outlets on both sides of the border, including the excellent Etto, restaurant of the year at this year’s Irish Restaurant Awards. So there’s an increasingly strong chance you’ll come across a vino on tap and when you do, cast aside your doubts, safe in the knowledge that the delivery system works.”

- Martin Moran MW, 8 Jul 2018


“Bottling and transportation costs are averted, and premium wines can be bought at a cheaper price. Pertinent too, are the environmental benefits: less packaging means a kinder carbon footprint.”

- Geraldine Glittens, 29 Jun 2018


“Wine on tap is big business in London and the US and the benefits for the end user is that the wine tastes exactly as it did on the day that it left the winery, with the shelf life of a keg 60 days. It also cuts down on shipping costs, meaning high-quality wine for cheaper, and the environmental benefits are significant, too.”

- Claire O’Mahoney, 17 Mar 2018


“The cutting edge wine on tap business.”

- Tomás Clancy, 12 Nov 2017


"A company dedicated to providing quality wine on tap to restaurants, wine bars and pubs…"

- John Wilson, 31 Jan 2015


"This Irish company may have finally found an answer to crap pub wine.”

- Peter Bodkin, 13 Sept 2015

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