Rose All Day 6-Pack 2024 - Happy Summer!


If you don't like Rosé you might need some more fun in your life - it's a no strings attached wine, for opening and splashing around liberally. It's not supposed to be exclusive, despite what the makers of stuttering donkey or whispering angel or whatever it's called will tell you. It's not supposed to be profound, as Brad and Aneglina might suggest (Brad has just made a sparkling rose that costs more than Dom Perignon!). It's supposed to be delicious, refreshing and FUN!

Given that Summer is finally dropping on us, we have some great little Rosé numbers that give you all that peaches and cream goodness you want from the pink gear. It's always one of our most popular packs - becuase you guys ARE fun! We have leant hard into Spain this year, with 3 really special Rosats, a very typical example from France, one Californian Summer Water and then our Rose of the year (and one of our wines of the year full stop). it's a great bargain at €89 discounted from €127

Starting off with 2 from Spain, all very different. Iselen Rosato from Rioja is from Tempranillo, beautifully banging of wild strawberries and is far, far too easy to drink. Succes Vinicola Patxanga is made from the Trepat grape and this throws a whole 'nother frequency of flavours, almost a green character of mid-Summer cut grass.

Lady A is from Chateau La Coste in Provence France, label designed by a French artist. Nicholas Idiart 'Esperance' Rose from the South of France is a Provence style Rose, in a traditional style rose flute, with a pale salmon colour - it's a beauty. Summer Water California Rose is from California, low calorie, low intervention but highly flavourful bottle of pink (looks great on The 'Gram too). Finally Caruso & Minini Frappo Rose from Sicily is just mouth wateringly delicious, tsunamis of apricot, white peach, pineapple and other exotic fruits wash over you - Nerello Mascalese is the new grape of the moment for Rose. PRINTED NOTES ON THE PINK GEAR!

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Rose All Day 6-Pack 2024 - Happy Summer!
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