Sauvignon Blanc: Not Just Marlborough!
Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc has a lot to answer for, both good and bad. Through it's utterly remarkable rise initiated by Cloudy Bay, it has introduced legions of new wine drinkers to the market. It has created a safe space and a gateway to further exploration through its palate friendly mix of tropical fruits and high energy acidity. Where it has performed a huge service to wine in general, it may have performed a huge disservice to the grape itself. We are investigating this through our killer Sauvignon Blanc 6-Pack: Not Just Marlbourough.

Marlborough Sauv is an interesting concept in polarisation as it's defeners and detractors most likely agree on everything. It is a broad style of wine that has become nearly as homogenised as certain Grand Marque Champagne labels in terms of achieving a style. Its got exotic and tropical fruit flavours, as well as green flavours. I've observed a room full of people disagree on whether theres a sweetness or a dryness to the wine. It's underpinned by energetic acid. It's all things to all people. The problem with all of this is that Marlborogh has become Sauvignon Blanc and Sauvignon Blanc has become Marlborough. This delights the masses and upsets the wine nazis.

Full discloseure, I am previously what could be described as a wine nazi (no offence intended) when it comes to Sauvignon Blanc. As a retailer, I have loved Marlbough Sauv. for the reasons already laid out, but didn't drink it for the reasons already laid out! The examples contained in this 6-Pack have forced me to reconsider my position.

We start with a Marlborough Sauv, and a beauty at that from Te Merio, stamping the style's authority on proceedings - when it's good it's real good! From France, Nicholas Idiart Loire Sauvignon Blanc and Les Deux Moulins are both grown up styles, in that they tack towards a Sancerre style wine, with great textue and minerality. FD Skalli Sauvignon Blanc from the South of France amps up the green and tropical fruits with a great refreshing wave of acid. We have a New World example from Capeography in South Africa - so much fun to drink, bursting with buzzy energy. Lastly, Stocco Di Meris Sauvignon Blanc is nothing short of a revelation, a unique nose and palate that will make you look differently at the grape.

If you like Sauv, this pack is for you. If you are unsure about Sauv, this pack is for you. And if you have traditionally railed against Sauv, give peace a chance, this pack is for you.

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