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Beaujolais and its component grape Gamay always seems to be on the cusp of taking over the wine world. Structurally it is similar to Pinot Noir, low in tannin and alcohol, high in acid and fragrance, but with a much more limpid purple colour, it produces beautiful, elegant but juicy and fullfilling wines. Beaujolais, and more specifically it's Cru of Morgon (see below) could legitimately claim to be the birth place of natural wine (though tons or regions claim it!). 

An incredible alternative to Burgundy, the equivilant bang for buck you get is phenomenal. We have a few different examples here to make you fall in love with Gamay. Starting in Beaujolais, Domaine Saint Cyr is one of the best producers in the region. Charnay Beaujolais is the entry point, demonstrating all of the velvety goodness and pale colouring that you find in the best expressions. The 2 Cru wines kick it up a gear, and some. The aforementioned Morgon, is one of the 10 Cru of Beaujolais, each with their own character, this is a denser style of Beaujolais, while the Chenas is a stunningly beautiful and lighter wine (fans of Foillard Cote du Py will dig this).

Uva Non Grata is named in refernce to when Gamay was outlawed by Burgundy! In keeping with this rebel spirit, it's labelled under Vin de France despite being in the boundaries of the Beaujolais appelation, allowing it to circumvent some restrictions. This is an absolute smasher of a Gamay, with a bit more heft than the usual. Athletes du Vin is from the Loire Valley and marries the two above styles, just a beautifully balanced red wine. Lastly Pax Cellars Gamay is an incredibly delicious wine from Pax Mahle and the first Gamay to come from the Sonoma Coast. If this is the first then,

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G is for GAMAY
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