The King of Spanish Wine: Alvaro Palacios


Alvaro Palacios is responsible for the most expensive wines in Spain. He makes wines in 3 regions, in Priorat it is his famed L'Ermita. In Bierzo it is La Faraona and most recently he has re-invented modern Rioja with his 20 year project; Valmira

He is also famous for the incredible value in his entry level wines, Camins del Priorat (Priorat)Petalos (Bierzo) and La Vendimia (Rioja). One of the best value and consistently popular 6-Packs we offer, 2 of each wine includes printed notes on his incredible story and a snapshot of Spain through 3 of it's greatest regions, 
only €145 in the 6-Pack.

From Priorat, Camins del Priorat is his entry level wine under his eponymous label made from Garnacha and Carinena (and a smattering of other bits). Priorat is arid and desolate and is famous for a unique type of schist called licorella, the result is epic, chewy concentration in the wines, but the best, like this have terrific freshness too. In Bierzo like in Priorat, with his label Descendientes se Jose Palacios, he painstakingly rejuvintaed indigenous heritage vines. Mencia from Bierzo is unique to the rest of North West Spain, in that it is more gamey, full bodied and rustic. Petalos is 100% Mencia and is regularly cited as the best value wine in the world pound for pound. From Rioja, Palacios Remondo La Vendimia is his entry level - a silky 50/50 Garnacha/Temp blend and an absolute smasher, also one of the best value Spanish wines on the market. STSWine


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The King of Spanish Wine: Alvaro Palacios
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