Cocktails On Tap


We developed our cocktail on tap range so that our customers could have a more time-efficient, cost-efficient, sustainable method for delivering cocktails. Less time spent mixing, shaking and muddling. Less glass to recycle. Less waste. More consistent servings. More customers served. More drinks sold in less time.


Espresso Martini

Raven Nitro Coffee

143 Espresso Martinis per keg

4 second pour - quicker time to table

10% alcohol


Bonac Gin and Tonic

Bonac gin and house tonic

187 G+Ts per keg

Each keg saves 187 splits and 8.5 bottles of gin - 46kg of glass

7.3% alcohol

Aperol Spritz.jpg

Spritz Veneziano

Prosecco, soda and bitters

133 spritzes per keg

Produced by 5th generation Italian winery Domus Vini

6.8% alcohol