Alvaro Palacios Premier Cru Pack


Alvaro Palacios is responsible for the most expensive wines in Spain. He makes wines in 3 regions, in Priorat it is his famed L'Ermita. In Bierzo it is La Faraona and most recently he has re-invented modern Rioja with his 20 year project; Valmira. Alvaro's whole wine making philosophy is the notion of terroir, and rather than the traditional Spanish modeal of age classification, the Crianza etc model, Alvaro has always favoured the Burgundian model. This are his Village wines.

Alvaro Palacios Vi De Grattalops (95 POINTS DECANTER) moves up through the gears with aplomb and this is the start of his serious wine range. Mostly Garnacha with a bit of Carinena and a small twist of white grape, he seeks to achieve a deepo core of black fruit mixed with chalky minerality with this wine. Some of the fruit comes from his L'Ermita vineyard - the most expensive wine in Spain! This is the very heart of Bierzo, ground zero for Mencia and one of my favourite wines in the world; Descendientes de Jose Palacios Vi de Corullon (96 POINTS DECANTER). Summation of several tiny parcels of ancient Mencia, aged 50-90 years, bio-dynamically farmed (by horse). Like the wine above, contains a tiny bit of white grape material, its rustic, long and very complex, an absolute show-stopping wine. Palacios Remondo Montesa (93 POINTS DECANTER) from Alfaro used to be 50/50 Garnacha and Tempranillo, Alvaro has painstakingly grafted Ganacha vines onto the other stocks throughout this vineyard in Alfaro and it is now nearly all Garnacha. Technically a Crianza, it now comes in a Burgundy bottle and matures in old French oak, it is classy and luxurious. This wine has changed monumentally over the last few vintages and this for me falls into best value wine on the planet territory for me.


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Alvaro Palacios Premier Cru Pack
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