Garden Party Whites 6-Pack


After the success of our HEAVY METAL REDS 6-PACK, we decided to bring out a white iteration in the GARDEN PARTY WHITES 6-PACK. These are unashamedly universal white wines, ultra dry and sharp, they will fit every palate and profile, and every occasion - especially a Summer Garden Party! Also - amazing value.

There's a fiction out there that a white white wine needs to have serious depth and complexity to be great. You may prefer a big and dense white, the same way you might like a triple 9% IPA, but you can't drink 'em all the time - sometimes you just need freshness, intensity, bright, buzzy acidity. Sometimes you just need crisp and dry. This 6er is crisp and dry. No oak, no Chardonnay, no Riesling, just 6, clean ultra smashable white wines.

We have leaned into France for this pack and we have a couple of new wines being seen for the first time today! Starting with the new kids on the block: Domaine Maubet Sauvignon Blanc is a typically dry and incisive Sauv from France, showing all that green and exotic fruit character we expect. Maison Fontane 'Twins' is a match made in heaven blending the little known but widely grown varieties of Colomard and Ugni Blanc. Domaine de Seailles 'Presto' Blanc, is a tale of two Savignons; Blanc & Gris.

From the cooler climates and high altitudes in Wagram, Austria, Holzer 'Zero G' Gruner Veltliner is a fave of ours. Gruner Veltliner is ofter said to have re-appearing acidity, which sounds like a Willy Wonka Wine descriptor. Finishing with two from Spain, we love Iselen Mesta Bianco, because unlike most white Rioja which is rich and complex, this is fresh and dry but with a lovely texture. Profundo 'Atlantic Albarino' will be familiar to many, a delicious wine that is supporting Albarino's quest for wine world domination! 

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Garden Party Whites 6-Pack
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