Roisin Curley New Releases

You have probably heard about Ireland's own Roisin Curley, who has not been crafting impeccable Pinot Noir & Chardonnay in Burgundy for 8 years. Roisin began essentially as a jet-set wine maker, splitting her time between her family owned pharmacy in Mayo, and the vineyards of The Cote. The buzz around these wines has been huge the past few years. The wines, the story and the mostly the person behind them have made them an irresistable prospect for Irish wine lovers. We have been lucky to get great allocations, but this is just a small sample release.

We dive into the origin story in the notes, but the short version, is that Roisin is making some of the best Pinot Noir and Chardonnay (and some other bits) in the region. That she managed to penetrate the Burgundy region as an outsider, foreigner and female is extraordinary. A region dominated by history and tradition, and typically village to village: the same cast of characters for generations on end (typically Roisin suggests her outsider status helped her). Without vineyards of her own (the most expensive Burgundy vineyard has recently changed hands for 7m euro per hectare), she is free to buy fruit from plots and terroirs that excite her, and the wines never disappoint.

There are 4 whites. From the start she has made the Saint Romain Le Jarron, Chardonnay. The Bourgogne Cote d'Or Blanc 'Les Pellans' is from a plot in Meursault. The Beaune Blanc is a new wine, interestingly (and unusually) it contains 90% Chardonnay and 10% Pinot Blanc. Bouzeron Blanc is another wine and is made from Aligote, a variety that she has shown and increasing infinity with and expertise in crafting. Her Bourgogne Rouge is classically styled Pinot Noir from Mercurey, and most excitingly, Fleurie 'Les Moriers' represents a first leap into the region of Beaujolais, a classically styled, whole bunch, foot-troden number from old vines.

We hope we will be able to get more of these wines after Christmas, but for now we are selling our tiny allocation as a mixed 6-pack of the 4 whites and 2 reds. The 6-Pack is €330. We will share the RRPs on the individual wines and you will be invited to reserve your favourites ahead of their release in the new year. (More reds to follow in the Spring).

We neither sell the wines cheap, nor charge a premium, using the same formula as we do with anything from Sassacaia to two buck chuck! We are just delighted as always to get a small chunk to present to you as a piece of wine history. A fantastic gift or treat to drink over Christmas.

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Roisin Curley New Releases
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