Electric 6: WHITE - Best of 2023 6-Pack

This is our ELECTRIC 6: BEST WINES OF 2023 (WINE WINE). There were 3 seriously stand out producers (very much according to you too, as they were HUGE sellers), but there are some other beauties too, as long as many more that narrowly missed out....or sold out!

On the whites, in February, we had our eyes pried open to the potential of Sauvignon Blanc with Stocco Sauvignon Di Meris, a wine so good that it prompted a re-examining of the variety on our Life After Marlborough 6-Pack. O Profundo Atlantic Albarino has become a staple and a house wine in homes across Ireland, a wine that proves that you need a biut of frivolity in your wine - open it and it's gone in 30 minutes. Tacherons Chardonnay is from Limoux, just South of Burgundy - this is a training wheel Chardonnay that will make you a believer, but keep the wine geek next to you happy aswell! Caruso & Minini Zoli is a wine of unspeakable beauty, made by the Caruso sisters in Sicily, lucious peach and apricot, beautiful perfume, but razor sharp, dry and fresh - wow. Carl Koch Weisburgunder was the surprise package of the year, made from Pinot Blnc, this easy drinker set off a stampede when it was shown around the trade. Rudolphe Demougeot Bourgogne Cote d'Or Chardonnay buried us all in December. Essentially a baby-Meursault, this is earth shattering White Burgundy.

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Electric 6: WHITE - Best of 2023 6-Pack
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