• FLC#15 - Hobo Wines / Kenny Likitprakong

    FLC#15 - Hobo Wines / Kenny Likitprakong

    Hobo Wines, started by Kenny Likitprakong, is one of the most exciting projects in Californinan wine. Sourcing from vineyards spread across Sonoma County, Mendocino, Clarksburg, Suisun Valley, Arroyo Seco, and the Santa Cruz Mountains, Hobo Wines offers an astounding array of varieties and styles. Check out our recent FLC meet-up with Kenny to learn more about his approach to winemaking.  
  • One Year Later - First Look Club

    One Year Later - First Look Club

    We would love to hear your thoughts on what you would like to see more of, or less of, from First Look Club.
  • FLC#14 - Rodrigo Martins / Espera Wines

    FLC#14 - Rodrigo Martins / Espera Wines

    We sat down with Rodrigo Martins, winemaker and owner of Espera Wines. ‘Espera’ means ‘wait’ in Portuguese, and sums up the slow, natural philosophy that fuels Rodrigo’s winemaking. On a small plot of vineyards just outside of Lisbon, Rodrigo organically farms 5 hectares of local varieties. He has no set élevage for any of his wines, letting each vintage dictate the final wine, choosing...
  • FLC#12 - Diego Collarte / Cume do Avia

    FLC#12 - Diego Collarte / Cume do Avia

    Diego and his brother, Álvaro, grew up in the metropolis of Vigo, in northwest Spain. City life wasn’t for them, so in 2005, they embarked on the restoration of their ancestors’ vineyards in an ancient Galician ruin. With no previous knowledge or experience in winegrowing or winemaking, the brothers set out on what many may have considered a mad endeavour. After a few years...
  • FLC#11 - Jordan Salcito / RAMONA

    FLC#11 - Jordan Salcito / RAMONA

    This FLC was especially interesting – rather than open a bottle, we opened a can of RAMONA, a grapefruit wine spritz. Created by Master Sommelier Jordan Salcito, with a CV most of us could only dream of, RAMONA is an embodiment of Italian aperetivo hour’s love affair with the spritz. It’s a perfect balance of bubbles and bitterness, made from organic Sicilian grapes and...
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