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Station to Station Wine with Rory Craig

We are delighted to have welcomed Station to Station with Rory Craig into the fold at Winelab to enhance our customer offering. Our Bottle Project offers variety & value, our Monopole offers exclusivity, and now STSWine offers KNOWLEDGE!

Firstly and most simply, STSWine is our new sister site and features a huge range of single bottles, offbeat and high end packs, Noble Rot Magazine, Grassl Glassware & accessories, it is also a warren of information. Take the red pill - stay in Wonderland and see how deep the rabbit hole goes! ENTER HERE

The idea is to offer you a chance to move with joy from the entry point of Everyday Heroes 6-Pack on the Bottle Project, all the way up to allocation Barolo and Burgundy. It will always be fun, never boring and we will be with you every step of the way.

Personal Sommelier & Education

CONNECT DIRECTLY: The easiest way to get started is to simply get talking - direct contact details down the bottom of this page - start talking! Start learning!

 WINE SCHOOL & A - Z OF WINE: Rory lovingly curates the newly revamped Bottle Project Boxes. Wine School and A - Z of Wine are the next level up in terms of detail - catering for those who want a fantastic wine selection AND to learn, they come with a lengthy intro or printed notes, our latest can be found below.

 DEEP DIVE: This is a deep focus on a Region or Producer, typically a higher end offering with more detail. Deep Dive into Burgundy, Grower Champagne or Barolo!

current wine school offer:
Rioja Wine School
Rioja Wine School
Rioja Wine School
Rioja Wine School
Rioja Wine School
Rioja Wine School

Rioja Wine School

Sold in cases of 6 bottles
Only -15 left in stock
Rioja is changing. Geographical Indicators will now accompany the old crianza etc ageing model. We have 6 Rioja Reds that show the new versatility of the region - 3 traditional and 3 new wave examples.

Included is are printed Deep Dive Wine School notes on the changing face of Rioja.

Starting on the new-wave: El Mozo Herrigoia is actually made the way Rioja was made before Rioja was Rioja! A field blend of several varieties (including white Viura) thrown together and fermented by carbonic maceration, no oak - same way Beaujolais is made - it is bright and lifted. Malaspiedras Rioja is Tempranillo grown naturally at altitude to impart acidity, but with a lovely twist of oak. Insolente Graciano is a rare 100% Graciano Rioja, a grape becoming more and more fashionable in today climate.

 On the old school side, a Reserva, a Crianza and a Joven..... Starting with a salt of the earth, old school Rioja from one of the regions most well known producers: Letargo Joven (young) is the entry level drink now style off younger vines. Calzadas Crianza is super-old school but saline and refreshing, with a good lick of warm oak but beautifully integrated - this will make you fall in love with Rioja. Aradon Reserva 2014 is a rich, thick, aged Rioja made from the traditional blend.

 This pack lets you travel back in time and discover the Rioja of the past - legacy vines, old techniques and plots. It also lets you surf the new wave, modern, bright, funky Rioja. The illuminating printed DEEP DIVE NOTES tie it all together - GET INITIATED!

 Yours etc Rory rory@stationtostationwine.ie / 085 1020 477



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