It all started when…

…we realised that the conventional wine trade does everything backwards. The attention is focused on the producer and what they’re selling, rather than on what the customer wants to drink and the end impact on the environment. Forget the fluff, forget the tradition, forget the romance that inevitably gets packaged with pulling corks. We’re delivering great wine at a great price, and are committed to removing cost and reducing our carbon footprint.

WineLab was set up in 2013 by Ronan Farrell (a graduate of the UC Davis Winemaking Certificate Programme with 15 years experience in the Irish wine trade) and Richie Byrne (20 years of draught technical services management in Ireland), and our technology is smaller, smarter and most cost effective than anything else out there. Our keys are fully recyclable, and in 2019 we’re taking this one step further by trialing a closed-loop system in Dublin, meaning used kegs will be collected and shipped back to the manufacturer to make fresh ones.

We’re offering an alternative to the conventional wine trade. Wine drinkers have changed - it’s time our business model did too.