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We got a great deal going on 2 of each of these wines, DEEP DIVE NOTES will sing the story of Kenny. This are wines to be sipped and glugged with abandon, atypically stylish and elegant for California with an incredible price tag of 25% OFF THE RRP €139 IN THE 6-PACK! 

Keen Winelabers will be familar with Californian wine maker Kenny Likitprakong's HOBO, which celebrates the legacy style of Californian Cabernet, and FOLK MACHINE, which is an unruly winemaking riot. Less familiar might you be with CAMP, the label that showcases Kenny's talent as a down to earth wine maker, demonstrating his unique lightness of touch, and his salt of the earth nature, dealing with very traditional varieties, traditionally made.

There is a term that is thrown around the American wine scene a lot: Parkerism. Robert Parker was one of the first really huge wine writers and critics, championing the first widely followed scoring system for wine (0-100). A good score from Parker started becoming more important to a wine maker than vintage or fruit, so influential was he. The problem with this was that Parker loved his wines absolutely epically huge, extracted alcoholic and muscular. Wineries started trying to appeal directly to his palate, changing the face of Californian wine making. Young upstarts like Kenny (far too cool to worry about critics or masses) have slowly started to change things. We have a great 6er featuring 3 of his wines.

CAMP Chardonnay is the white, and is a very atypical drop. Much like the Parkerism of the reds, Chardonnay from California has tended to be characterised by huge use of oak, creating Chardonnay wines of huge power and weight, with lashings of creamy, butterscotched fruit. Kenny prefers to make his Chardonnay Burgundian in style. Natural yeasts, nothing added, stainless steel ferment and neutral oak. It is elegant and stylish, with great balance, poise and length. Most interestingly, he adds 1% Viognier for a little aromatic lift, and boy does it work! This is a great example of what would be illegal in Burgundy, working elsewhere! 

CAMP Merlot 2019 is completely unlike typical California Merlot. Usually a high alcohol, Cali. merlots were all the rage in California until the film Sideways sullied its reputation (...I am NOT drinking any f$%king Merlot!...). The reason for the outburst in the film is that Merlot was generally considered a clumsy style of wine, alcoholic, lacking acidity with gummy fruit. Camp Merlot walks a completely different line, with low alcohol and a light body, this is a Merlot that can be sipped slowly and pondered, perhaps the only antipasto Merlot I've ever come across! A lovely little sipper and only 13% abv.

Cabernet Sauvignon 2019 is more recognisable as a California Cabernet, with a lovely texture and core of fruit, just the amount of oak to let Cabernet be Cabernet. A toasty rich profile is backed by a wonderful line of fresh acidity and integrated tannins. Loads of red and black fruits and a great length. This will love any food but again will go on it's own if required!


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