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Merlot: Maligned & Misunderstood


Maligned & misunderstood. If anyone orders Merlot, I'm leaving....I will NOT drink any fucking MERLOT!!!
The above line uttered by Paul Giamatti in the Hollywood wine film Sideways, utterly decimated Merlot sales in the US and everywhere. Merlot was the highest selling grape in the US at the time. (His prized bottle throughout the film Cheval Blanc is predominantly Merlot).

Merlot has started to recover because of its versatility, resilience and lush fruit. In many ways it is the ultimate grape to suit the modern style of wine that most consumers are moving towards. In this 6er we have 3 thoroughbreds and 3 blends.

Merlot is mid-weight, juicy and moderate in alcohol, tannin and acidity. 3 pure examples demonstrate this in spades: La Pianure Via Romana from Northern Italy, Camp Merlot from California & De Seailles Cubik from France, 3 very different areas throwing up 3 similar and equally delicious styles. All of its positive attributes already laid out make it an inimitable blending partner and it is a key component of both the Super-Tuscan as demonstrated by Bibi Graetz 'Grilli' and Bordeaux with Chateau Haut-Dambert Cuvee Clemence. In both of these wines it is the dominant component. Climate change has boosted the rejuvination as it's lush plummy fruit can add to the blend as a minor component, as with Valerie Courreges 'Zinzolin', a crystalline pure blend from Cahors. STSWine

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Merlot: Maligned & Misunderstood
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