Celler Frisach FLC Box


Following on from Francesc's appearance at our April FLC meetup, we've put together a range pack of his incredible wines.

Each box contains the following:

2x Bottles of 2020 l'Abrunet White (Garnacha Blanca)
1x Bottle of 2020 La Foradada (Garnacha Blanca Brisat)
1x Bottle of 2018 Alifares (Garnacha Gris Brisat)
1x Bottle of 2019 l'Abrunet Red (Garnacha Negre/Samso)
1x Bottle of 2018 Sang de Corb (Garnacha Negre, Garnacha Peluda, Samso)


We talked at the meet up about "Territori Vernatxa", and what an important grape (with all its mutations) Grenache/Garnacha/Vernatxa is in Terra Alta. 

In this box there are 2 bottles of l'Abrunet white, Francesc's classic white wine and the only one he doesn't make in the Brisat style. We then have 2x Brisat wines: La Foradada which we featured for FLC, and Alifares, a remarkable micro-cuvee of less than 2,000 bottles.

In reds then are l'Abrunet red which is a beauitful light and smashable (read chillable)  red, and Sang de Corb (the blood of Corbera), a singularly brilliant wine from a 75 year old vineyard in Corbera that commemorates the vicious battle that destroyed Cesc's town in 1938.

We received an allocation of less than 100 bottles of both Alifares and Sang de Corb, and this is actually the first year that we received ANY Alifares!  


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Celler Frisach FLC Box
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