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Beaujolais Nouveau Est Arrive 2023!!!

What a time to be alive! The 3rd Thursday of November every year, Beaujolais Nouveau lands on us - and it is illegal to deliver it before that date! Order today for delivery on Nouveau day next Thursday & Friday!

We offer Nouveau each year and the standard gets better and better with every passing vintager. Of course it helps when the offering is made up of the biggest names in Beaujolais: KARIM VIONNET, DIDIER DESVIGNES, LAPALU, CAMBON, DOMAINE DE LA PLAIGNE and DUFAITREOur 6-Pack is €129 (RRP €143) and we do not have many - once they're gone, they're gone!

WAIT - WHAT IS NOUVEAU? Deep dive notes with every order, but very quickly, Beaujolais Nouveau was originally conceived as a party for vineyard workers, a small, very early release (just upon conclusion of the fermentation) of super young and juicy Gamay to drink - a piss up. George Debouef, the biggest producer in the region grabbed the concept and marketed the hell out of it, until people were bathing in it and getting it airfreighted from France so they could drink it on Noiuveau Day - the ultimate thirsty Thursday! The ruslting wines have buzzy, fresh acidity, very little tannins, low alcohol and super bright, crunchy, juicy fruit. I have to have some on ground at Christmas as it is the ULTIMATE maatch for turkey & ham sambos.

It started as a marketing exercise, then was nothing but a p@%s up before turning into a tired fad - but not any more. Making a really serious Nouveau is now a badge of honour for the best producers, it is the ultimate cool. They jostle for position now like prime race horses - who can make the greatest Nouveau. You are perfectly entitled to bag Nouveau as barely fermented slop or not really wine, but if you do, then really you haven't been paying attention for the last 10 years, or you need more fun in your life.  The best examples mix unbridled drinking pleasure and smashability with detail and charm. These guys tick the boxes. 
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Beaujolais Nouveau Est Arrive 2023!!!
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