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First Look Club is evolving!

Over the past few years we’ve relied on our FLC community to trial some really special bottles with a view to potentially include in our Bottle Project.

Your feedback is and continues to be essential to the direction that we develop our offering and gives you the opportunity to
taste sensational wines before anyone else.

Whether it’s a one off purchase or a longer standing subscription that can be canceled or paused at any time, First Look Club offers members exposure to wines that they may never have considered before in cases of 3 or 6.



While we’re going to curtail our monthly meet ups for the meantime, we want to create a better way to really gauge your opinions.

Each case will now come with information on the hero wine enclosed giving you a better understanding of its provenance and how best to enjoy it. Our aim is that these materials will become collectibles, something both helpful and beautiful for you to keep.

We’ll also be actively polling your opinions from time to time and sharing these findings with the FLC community. Our hope is that this will maintain the inquisitive and opinion-driven spirit of the
club while also ensuring that we’re growing in the right direction.

And for those of you with a hankering to relive our meet-ups, check out the reel to the left for a showcase of some of our best loved winemakers.

March 2023 / New Horizons

At WineLab, we have a real grá for those that are up for a bit of
fun and a challenge. We are naturally drawn towards winemakers that strike the ideal balance of showing great dedication and care to their product whilst
maintaining a relaxed, approachable attitude towards their wines. Fancy
classifications aren’t the end all be all when we are choosing our wines – for
us we are more interested in finding a product that is artfully crafted and
breaking the mold. For March’s FLC, we are featuring wines that are passionate projects for the winemakers.

Cases will be despatched week commencing March 27th.

March 2023  / New Horizons


First Look Club



FLC December 2022 - Christmas Classics

For December's FLC members, we packed the cases full of classic styles guaranteed to be enjoyed by a wide range of people. With a focus on tried and true red blends, crisp whites...
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FLC November 2022 - New Wave USA

At WineLab, we are proud of our unique and extensive offering of wines from the USA, and more specifically, California. Thanks to its vast population, many wines made in the US rarely leave...
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FLC October 2022 - Natural Born Killers

In October, we introduced a new iteration of our First Look Club. Each month, members will receive a custom-designed map featuring the region of the selected wine. Designed by Conor Merriman, these maps...
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FLC #28: Aymeric Amiel / Domaine des Amiel

Domaine des Amiel is currently managed and operated by Aymeric Amiel, one of two brothers that come from long line – 16 generations! – of paysan farming.  Aymeric studied wine and worked at...
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FLC #27 Jean-René de Fleurieu / Château de Montfrin

Château de Montfrin is a historic château that has hosted many important historical French figures over its centuries-old lifetime. The current winemaker and owner, Jean-René de Fleurieu, made his name first as a...
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FLC #25 - Nicolas and Karine Mirouze / Château Beauregard-Mirouze

Within a natural park in the rocky hills of Corbieres lies 25 acres of vineyards, owned and managed by Nicolas Mirouze and his wife Karine. Before the Mirouze couple took over, the vineyard’s...
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FLC #24: Rodrigo and Asier Calvo / Bodegas Arrocal

Bodegas Arrocal has been a key part of WineLab, since before the beginning! Starting in 2004, Ronan began importing wines from this winery and we have continued importing their wines ever since. Bodegas...
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FLC #23 - Francesco Scala / Azienda Agricola Scala

Cirò is a DOC located in Calabria, in the deep south of Italy. This is one of the oldest named wine-growing regions with a thousand-year long history of winemaking. The vineyards are along...
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FLC #22 - Pablo Martinez Gago / Bodegas Casa Monte Pio

Casa Monte Pio was founded in 1979 by Jose María Martinez; now his grandson Pablo Martinez Gago carries the family tradition as the owner and winemaker. Pablo’s passion lies in the vineyard and...
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FLC#20 - Sashi Moorman / Evening Land

This FLC meet-up is a great opportunity to get insight into one of the most brilliant minds in the US wine scene. Sashi Moorman, a former chef turned brilliant winemaker, was working as...
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FLC#19 - Albert Canela & Mariona Vendrell / Succes Vinicola

In 2011, Albert Canela and Mariona Vendrell created Succés Vinícola at the tender age of just 20! Using indigenous grapes from their native Conca de Barbera in Catalunya, Succes have forged an admirable...
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FLC#17 - Christophe Coquard / Maison Coquard

The Coquard family have been cultivating their love for Beaujolais vineyards and wines for several generations. Christophe grew up watching his family working the vines at the family winery. In the early years...
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FLC#16 - Laura Hoyos / Bodegas Arrocal

For this meet-up, we spoke with Laura Hoyos, the export manager for Bodegas Arrocal. Bodegas Arrocal is a family-run vineyard located in the small winemaking village of Gumiel de Mercado in Ribera del...
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FLC#15 - Hobo Wines / Kenny Likitprakong

Hobo Wines, started by Kenny Likitprakong, is one of the most exciting projects in Californinan wine. Sourcing from vineyards spread across Sonoma County, Mendocino, Clarksburg, Suisun Valley, Arroyo Seco, and the Santa Cruz...
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FLC#14 - Rodrigo Martins / Espera Wines

We sat down with Rodrigo Martins, winemaker and owner of Espera Wines. ‘Espera’ means ‘wait’ in Portuguese, and sums up the slow, natural philosophy that fuels Rodrigo’s winemaking. On a small plot of...
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FLC#12 - Diego Collarte / Cume do Avia

Diego and his brother, Álvaro, grew up in the metropolis of Vigo, in northwest Spain. City life wasn’t for them, so in 2005, they embarked on the restoration of their ancestors’ vineyards in...
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FLC#10 - Francesc Ferre / Celler Frisach

Francesc Ferré’s family have been growing grapes organically on their farm in Corbera d’Ebre for over 200 years. Corbera is located at high altitude west of Barcelona, flanked on both sides by jagged...
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FLC#9 - Veronica Ortega / Bodegas Veronica Ortega

For FLC#9, we were joined by leading Spanish light Veronica Ortega. Hailing from Cadiz in sherry country, Veronica has previously worked at some of the greatest wineries in the world – Domaine de...
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FLC#8 - Bibi Graetz / Casamatta & Testamatta

What a time to be alive! We tasted the new iteration of Bibi's Casamatta as well as a sneaky sample of the 100 pointer Testamatta 2018 !
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FLC#7 - Leandro & Mauricio Boullade / Bocanada & Vinilo Wines

We were joined by father and son Boullade to discuss the history of Argentinian wine and what makes Gualtallary and the Uco Valley special. Video transcript:  Ronan Farrell - WineLab: Hello Mauricio &...
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FLC#6 - Rajat Parr / Sandhi Wines

For our December First Look Club we were joined by Rajat Parr of Sandhi Wines. We talk abour Raj's evolution from sommelier to winemaker to farmer, the unique aspects of producing wine in...
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FLC#5 - Arnold Holzer / Weingut Holzer

For our fifth First Look Club meetup we talked with Arnold Holzer and tasted his Roter Veltliner 'das Geholz'. Video transcript:  Ronan. [00:00:00]How are things in Australia at the moment? Arnold Holzer. [00:00:00]Yeah, it's...
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FLC#4 - Aymeric Amiel / Domaine des Amiel

For FLC#4 we talked to Aymeric of Domaine des Amiel. A natural winemaker who practices biodynamic viticulture, we had an in depth chat about the difference between organic, biodynamic and natural wines.
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FLC#3 - Kenny Likitprakong / Hobo Wines

What we're drinking: Folk Machine, 'White Light' Folk Machine, 'Parts & Labor'
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Yes. You can cancel at any time when logged into your account or by calling our office on 01 627 0055.
Your rolling subscription will be automatically renewed until cancelled, or, if you have purchased a set time subscription (6 or 12 months), it will cancel at the end of the term.
Boxes are dispatched around the 15th of each month, but depending on external factors. Boxes will be despatched in relevant month unless a specific request is made. For instance, if you want a box to be despatched ASAP for a gift, you can request the previous month's box.

These packs are all mixed cases. These are adventurous boxes with a wide range of styles in each! Boxes contain a mixture of white and red wines, and may sometimes contain rosé, orange, or sparkling wine in the mix.

We arrange a monthly video meet-up with the winemaker once everyone has received their First Look Club box (this will usually be the second Thursday in each month following delivery). Date, time, and details are shared by email at the start of each month following delivery. Attendance is completely optional!

Customers are billed monthly on each renewal date, or alternatively you can choose to prepay for a set amount of deliveries.

Yes! On our blog, we will upload previous meet-ups where you can watch the meet-up in your own time.

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