how it works


Why It Works

The kegs we use are designed in a way that makes it impossible for the wine to come into contact with oxygen. There’s no cork so no chance of corked wine, and the hermetic environment means that there’s no chance of an oxidised, stale last glass of wine, so there’s no wastage. Once tapped each keg will stay in perfect condition for a minimum of two months. And once they’re empty, they can be recycled.


Our installations are as cutting edge as our wines. We custom build to fit your space and aesthetic, making it as much or as little of a feature as you want. Want a wall of taps? We’ve got you covered. Want it hidden away under the bar? No problem. Space is never an issue. If you have space for boxes of wine, you have space for wine on tap. The footprint of a keg is less than half that of the bottled equivalent.


We do everything, from free installation to full staff training to regular maintenance. All you have to do is order and pour.


We can provide branded carafes, wine lists, “I drink wine on tap” pin badges. Whatever you need, we’re on it.

But our customers can tell you better than we can…