• FLC#6 - Rajat Parr / Sandhi Wines

    FLC#6 - Rajat Parr / Sandhi Wines

    For our December First Look Club we were joined by Rajat Parr of Sandhi Wines. We talk abour Raj's evolution from sommelier to winemaker to farmer, the unique aspects of producing wine in California, and what marks great wines aside from the crowd. Video transcript: Rajat 0.1 New place, then it's hard to speak a place because if you haven't had the benchmark, then you...
  • FLC#5 / Arnold Holzer

    FLC#5 / Arnold Holzer

    For our fifth First Look Club meetup we talked with Arnold Holzer and tasted his Roter Veltliner 'das Geholz'. Video transcript:  Ronan. [00:00:00]How are things in Australia at the moment? Arnold Holzer. [00:00:00]Yeah, it's an exciting time. You know, we had this Terrorist attack on Monday. People are taking it OK. Except in Vienna, of course. People in the first district and the centre are...
  • FLC#4  - Aymeric Amiel / Domaine des Amiel

    FLC#4 - Aymeric Amiel / Domaine des Amiel

    For FLC#4 we talked to Aymeric of Domaine des Amiel. A natural winemaker who practices biodynamic viticulture, we had an in depth chat about the difference between organic, biodynamic and natural wines.
  • First Look Club #3 - Kenny Likitprakong / Hobo Wines

    First Look Club #3 - Kenny Likitprakong / Hobo Wines

    For FLC#3 we had the chats with Kenny Likitprakong from Santa Rosa California. He was in the middle of harvest - during the wildfires - but still had time to give us the inside line on what it is to be a New Wave winemaker in the Golden State.
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