WineLab was launched in 2013 after two years research, and is Ireland’s first and only wine on tap specialist.

A partnership between Ronan Farrell and Richie Byrne, WineLab are a full service company supplying a wide range of wines in keg as well as draught equipment, installation and technical services. Ronan is a recent graduate of the UC Davis Winemaking Certificate Programme with 15 years of experience in the wine trade, while Richie has over 20 years of draught technical services management.

The way we see it, the conventional wine trade does everything backwards. A wine is tasted over lunch in some beautiful part of the world, and the decision to import is made based on that emotively-charged instant. That attention is focused at the wrong end of the spectrum: at the producer and what they’re selling, and not the end consumer and what they want to drink. From that we end up with the usual bulging portfolios, full of wines gathering dust and adding cost to the few that actually sell.

At WineLab we started our journey by looking at what people eating out wanted – here’s the price point, so how do we get there? Forget the fluff, forget the tradition, and forget the romance that inevitably gets packaged with wine. How do we structure this so that the least amount of cost is incurred along the way, simply delivering a great wine at a great price. And why can’t people just enjoy a glass of wine, without having to take an exam on who made it and where?

Good wine is good wine no matter where it comes from, who makes it, or what it is delivered in. We’re devoted to removing cost and delivering straight up honest and delicious wine. To do that we’re shipping and storing in disposable kegs. We’re dispensing that wine using wonderful technology that’s cheaper, smaller, and smarter than anything else out there. We’re operating with cloud-based technology that makes us mobile and more efficient. Most importantly though, we are offering a true alternative to the conventional wine trade.

The wine drinker has changed, so it’s time our business model changed too.

Smart. Fresh. Simple.

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