Kegs of wine are not a recent discovery – at least outside of Ireland. Many wineries use kegs for storing small lots of wine for barrel top ups, and in Italy vino alla spina has long been a common method of serving house wines.  

Yes, wine kegs (and no, not bag in box). However, stainless steel kegs have a number of inherent problems when it comes to Ireland. Number one – and really the only point worth mentioning – is that we don’t fill wine kegs locally because we don’t grow grapes locally. To use steel kegs we would have to send all of our empty kegs back to wherever we got them to get refilled, and that’s just not efficient.

Enter the one-way keg. A revolutionary new technology, this innovative multi-layer PET keg offers all of the storage and preservative qualities of a metal keg, but you can stuff it in your recycling bin when empty.

We believe that this is a game-changer when it comes to wine service. This is why:


A better glass of wine
The last glass is as fresh as the first – our kegs of still wine stay fresh for over two months and sparkling wine stays bubbly for just as long once tapped. An open bottle of still wine generally spoils within 24 hours, and even a Verre du Vin system will only keep wine fresh for 21 days. No more gambling on wine by the glass.

Smoother service and shorter time to table
No corks to pull, no glass to dump, no cases to break down, and no wastage from uneven bottle ends. Less messing about in the bar area means a streamlined service.

Reduced storage
A 20L keg holds 26.6 bottles worth of wine – a reduction of over 50% of the storage footprint of bottled wine. Our unique dispenser systems have inbuilt cooling, so we remove the need for refrigeration of whites, rosés and sparkling wines.

Reduced waste
Our kegs are crushable by hand and are completely recyclable. Changing just one house wine to tap format will save you the disposal costs of 1.2 metric ton of glass waste per year. One 20L keg removes the need for 16kg of glass, 26 capsules, closures and labels, and 1.6kg of cardboard.

Smarter than steel
With our dispenser units you have no need for refrigeration or gas supplies. Steel kegs have to be returned to the fillers and have the added cost of deposits in the supply chain. Our kegs have been thoroughly tested by the renowned Technical University Munich and Geisenheim Institute of Wine in Germany and offer the same preservative qualities as steel kegs when tested for microbiological stability, transport stability, colour, oxygen uptake, and CO2 loss.

We’re saving you money at every step. You don’t pay for the cost of the marketing guff, bottles, labels, capsules, or cases. Our lightweight kegs make shipping cheaper and we pass all these savings on to you.

Anything else?
The savings don’t end at our prices – you’ll remove all spoilage costs from oxidation and corked bottles, shrink storage cost and electricity cost by reducing refrigeration space, and remove the glass disposal cost of the replaced wines.

Smart. Fresh. Simple.

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